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FREE NY DMV Written Test Practice: Fines & Limits | Driving-Tests.org 2018

New York DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:20
How many correct answers to pass:14
Passing score:70%
Minimum age to apply for Class DJ Operator Permit16
The New York Fines and Regulations Test below covers everything you need to know about keeping your driver’s license once you finally obtain it! This 50-question practice test includes important information about traffic citations, insurance, driving under the influence, the points system, and fines that will appear on the NY driver’s permit exam. Not only will this information help you pass the NY driver’s permit exam, it will keep you out of trouble on New York roadways. After reviewing the information in chapters two and three of the official NY Driver’s Handbook on Driving-Tests.org, use this study tool to test your new knowledge and prep for the official exam. Good luck!
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You need to answer 35 questions correctly to pass.
Passing score required at the NY DMV: 70%
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